Confiscated Items, Conferences/Discipline Procedures, Cell Phones


Bullying/harassment of students is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated in the school setting. Bullying includes a variety of activities, both verbal and nonverbal. Students who become involved or encourage others in this type of activity are subject to disciplinary action ranging from student conferences and counseling to suspension and possible expulsion. Disciplinary action will be progressive in accordance with the severity and/or repetitiveness of the student’s actions. Students should report any such harassment to their supervising teacher, counselor, or administrator immediately.


Students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver. The importance of proper conduct while waiting for, boarding, riding, or disembarking from a bus cannot be overemphasized. Any behavior that distracts the bus driver instantly endangers all. In the interest of safety, all students should understand and parents are urged to impress upon their children the necessity for strict compliance with the rules. Those who refuse to obey the direction of the driver, or abide by bus regulations, may forfeit their right to ride on a bus. When behavior is out-of-control we will invite the parents to find alternative transportation for their children. Parents having questions concerning bus transportation should call 284-2085.


The cafeteria is a dining room and students should conduct themselves accordingly. A student "breaking the line" will be sent to the back of the line. Students will sit at their assigned tables and will not be allowed to visit their friends at other tables. After eating, trays and paper should be placed in the trash cans provided for that purpose.

Students may not bring sodas or food products from places such as Taco Bell, Subway, etc. at lunchtime. Students who violate the procedure will have their “drink” confiscated and disposed of. Repeated violation of the school’s procedure will result in disciplinary action.


Every pupil should demonstrate an interest and pride in the cleanliness and appearance of our school and grounds. Our custodial staff and teachers work hard to keep our school clean, but they cannot do this work alone. By working together, we can keep our school clean.

Consumption of food and beverages will be restricted to the lunchroom. Students will not be allowed to have food or beverages on the walkways, in the hallways or in classrooms.


The cell phone /telecommunication device guidelines of the school coincide with MPS policy, but in a more detailed and school specific form. Please refer to page 31 in the Code of Student Behavior

1st and 2nd offenses cell phone or telecommunication device will be confiscated and sent to the office. The cell phone may only be retrieved by the parent or legal guardian between the hours of 7:00-11:00

3rd offense student will receive an office referral


Please be sure to inform the school of any change in important information. This would include a change of address, telephone number, emergency phone number, place of work, and phone number of parents. All changes should be reported promptly.


Teachers and office personnel should be made aware of chronic illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, allergies, etc. or injuries. Specific written instructions from a physician must be submitted to the office and kept on file should an emergency arise or the need for additional accommodations.


GW does not discriminate on the basis of disability, gender, race, national origin, religion, or age in its dealings with students, the general public, employees, applicants for employment, educational programs, activities, or access to its facilities.

Confiscated Items

Items confiscated from students will be brought to the main office where the items will be logged in under the student’s name. The items will be stored in a locked area of the main office. The items will only be returned to the student’s parent or legal guardian, and it is the student’s responsibility to inform their guardian that an item has been confiscated. Parents should call the office to arrange a time to retrieve the item. The parent will be asked to identify the item and sign for it before it can be released. Any student who persistently brings impermissible items to school will be disciplined in accordance with MPS’ Code of Student Behavior.


If you have concerns about your son's or daughter's academic or behavior progress, you are invited to contact the school to arrange a conference with all or specific teachers. When parents feel it advisable to contact teachers personally, they are asked to email, leave their telephone numbers with the secretary, or send a note to the teacher by your child in order that the teacher may return the message later.


The manner in which a student conducts himself/herself is a reflection of himself/herself, his/her parents, and often of the entire student body. Many times the actions of a small group place a stigma on the school, which will affect its reputation for many years.

While the school allows for individuality and growth, it must have rules in order to function effectively. All students will be expected to have a thorough working knowledge of all student conduct rules whether contained in the GW handbook or the MPS Code of Student Behavior.

  • The consequences for Class A offenses will follow the School Discipline Plan developed by the school’s teachers and administrators.
  • Multiple infractions of Class A violations may result in the upgrading of a Class A offense to a Class B offense which is subject to more severe consequences.
  • When a student is referred to the office, the administrator will implement the consequences at their discretion.
  • Consequences in each case will be determined on an individual basis and reflect the severity of the infraction and past history of offenses.
  • Students will receive due process in all cases.
  • Refer to MPS Code of Student Behavior for clarification.
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