Dress Code

Dress Code

Students are expected to comply with the Uniform Dress Code Procedure. In order to maintain consistency as well as a safe school environment, the following procedures have been implemented in regards to proper school attire. The uniform guidelines of the school coincide with MPS dress code, but in a more detailed and school specific form. Consequences are listed in the MPS Code of Student Behavior.


Standard solid purple (6th grade), solid gold (7th), solid white (8th) short or long sleeve golf / polo style shirt with a collar and must be long enough to stay tucked in throughout the day.

Short or long sleeve solid


Khaki pants ONLY, long or short pants. Pants must fit (no oversized, sagging pants).

Shorts, skirts and skorts must be no higher than knee length from the crease in the back of the knee


Only one belt may be worn with pants if they have loops. 


Matching Black or/and white or tennis shoes with matching shoelaces are preferred 

Winter Attire:

Jackets/coats may be worn to school. Jackets, sweaters, and coats must be able to zip or button from top to bottom. (No Pullovers) 


Hair should not disrupt classes, interfere with learning, prevent instruction, and should comply with state health and safety standards.


Please refer to the MPS Code of Student Behavior (No large or excessive jewelry.) 

The following styles or manners of dress are prohibited:

  • Overalls, Hats, baseball caps, bandanas, skull and wave caps in the building, low-cut shirts that expose a student’s breasts or torso are prohibited sunglasses, vests, or suspenders. 

Uniforms must be worn appropriately i.e. shirts are to be tucked in and pants are not to be worn lower than a student’s hips. While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not. Students are in school to learn. Any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted. Personal expression is permitted within these general guidelines.

Parents and students should consider the following questions when dressing for school:

  1. Does my clothing expose too much?
  2. Does my clothing advertise something that is prohibited to minors?
  3. Am I dressed appropriately for the weather?
  4. Will my midriff be revealed when sitting, standing or walking?

When in doubt, don’t wear it.

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