Fire Drills, Grade Recovery, Grievance


The following procedure has been adopted by Georgia Washington and shall serve as a guideline during fire drills:

  • The safest route from each room shall be posted in each room.
  • The signal will be a series of short rapid bell tones
  • Students must remain quiet and follow teacher directions throughout the drill.


The building principal must sanction all fundraising activities. Classes and organizations may submit requests for approval of such projects to the principal on the designated form.

Grade Recovery

Grade recovery will assist students who have not made adequate progress to meet standards during a grading period. Utilizing computer-based instruction software students will have an opportunity to recover a math, science, social studies, and/or English grade in grading period 1, 2 and 3. In order for a student to be eligible for grade recovery, their nine week grade must fall in the range of 40-64 in the course to be recovered.The student(s) can only participate in 2 classes per each nine weeks. The school administration along with the counselor will screen student applicants for suitability for the program, willingness to participate, and potential for success in the program. Students will then receive via the software an individual prescription to remediate deficiencies from the grading period to be recovered. Students will be able to work on all coursework from home, however all exams must be taken at school with their teacher. All objectives outlined by computer-based instruction must be completed with at least a grade of 60. Each eligible student is required to complete the grade recovery application and will need their parents consent within 3 days of report cards being issued. If students do not make adequate progress in completing their assigned learning path; follow the instructions of the Grade Recovery teacher and Grade Recovery Facilitator; and/or maintain appropriate behavior, then the student can be removed from the Grade Recovery opportunity.


If students or parents feel they have been wronged or are upset over some aspect of their experiences at GW, they are expected to express themselves in an appropriate manner. A student or parent with a grievance should first discuss the matter with the teacher in private consultations regarding such complaints to resolve differences. If this does not resolve the issue, the matter should be directed to the principal or principal’s designee.


The school counselors are available to provide assistance to students who request help in solving personal problems. Students should obtain a pass from a supervising adult to enter the office. Counseling services include providing assistance to students: (1.) wishing to discuss personal, social and school life problems; (2.) in the selection of school programs and classroom achievement, (3.) giving direction and the development of study habits necessary for successful learning, and (4.) in the exploration of their vocational interests, aptitudes, and abilities for the purpose of selecting appropriate programs. The school counselor is always ready to listen and will keep your conversation confidential. Parents may confer with the counselor by calling or requesting that a conference be scheduled through the school’s office.

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