Lunchroom Procedures, Makeup Work, Medications at School, Honor Society

All students enrolled in Montgomery Public Schools will be allowed to eat breakfast and lunch at no charge. 

1. Students will have one scheduled lunch period.

2. Students may leave the lunchroom only with the permission of their teacher or administrator on duty. (You will also need a written pass.)

3. Students are encouraged to participate in the school lunch program.

4. Students are responsible for keeping the lunchroom clean.

5. Students are responsible for placing trays, plates, and excess food in specified areas as indicated by the lunchroom staff.

6. Students are prohibited from playing and running in the lunchroom.

7. Students should use tables for eating—not for sitting.

8. Lunchroom attendance is mandatory just as attendance is in any other class. Students are expected to arrive on time in the lunchroom. Students who are tardy to the lunchroom will receive a tardy infraction.

9. Students are prohibited from throwing food.

10. Fast food is not permitted on campus.

11. Food or drink is not to be taken from the lunchroom.

12. Carbonated drinks are not allowed in the lunchroom.

13. When a student enrolls at GW, he/she receives a personal and confidential lunch identification number, which is used each time the student exits the lunch line at the cashier’s station. This number remains with the student as long as he/she is enrolled. 


When absent, the student must arrange with his/her teacher(s) on the day the student returns to make up work missed. All missed work should be made up within three days after returning to school unless your absence has been unusually long or there are other unusual circumstances. Work may be requested and picked up by parent(s) or guardian for extended illnesses of three or more days. 


No school employee is permitted to administer medications of any kind. No medications are to be sent to school without prior approval by the principal. Medications will be kept in the school office and the student will need to come to the office to get the medicine when approval has been granted. The student must know how much of the medication to take once it is given. The parent/guardian must fill out a medication form and have it filed in the office. 


Students who achieve a cumulative average of 85 or higher and maintains a good citizenship record for the first three nine weeks grading periods will be invited to join the National Junior Honor Society. If an

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