Rights of Students, Response to Instruction (RTI), Special Occasions, Tardies


Student progress is reported to students and to parents, four times during the school year. Consult the Montgomery Public School Code of Behavior for specific dates. If you have concerns about your son's or daughter’s academic progress, you are invited to contact the school to arrange for an interview with specific teachers.

RESPONSE TO INSTRUCTION (RtI) - RtI integrates core instruction, assessment, and intervention within a multi-tiered system to maximize student achievement and reduce behavior problems. Through implementation of RtI, schools identify and monitor students at risk, use problem-solving and data-based decision making to provide research-based interventions and adjust the intensity of interventions based on the student’s response. When Response to Instruction is provided appropriately at the classroom level, then it will provide data from which educators can make instructional decisions for individuals and groups of students. Given high quality decisions, RtI shows promise in supporting all students, especially those at risk of failing to achieve state performance standardS.


Students, as citizens of the United States, are guaranteed certain individual rights. Parents, teachers, and administrators have a responsibility to protect the rights of students while maintaining an educational atmosphere conducive to the teaching and learning process. The concept of balancing the rights of the individual with the rights of society is as valid in the educational community as it is in the larger community. Student rights are:

1. The right to an education consistent with what is currently recognized as useful and relevant to issues and goals such as employability, socialization, and a general, well-rounded knowledge of the community, country, and world in which we live.

2. The right to enroll in academic, vocational, or physical education class, or to participate in extra-curricular activities without regard to sex, physical handicap, creed, or national origin.

3. Students have the right to due process as outlined in the grievance procedure.


No deliveries for any celebratory or special occasion will be accepted. This includes flowers, balloons, singing telegrams, cookie bouquets, etc.


Student Council representatives will be chosen at the first class meeting of the year. Each class will choose one member to represent them in a Student Council.

The Student Council represents the student body in coordinating activities for students. It consists of an elected Executive and Homeroom Representative. Student Council at GW is a very active group, planning and carrying out educational, recreational, and social activities for all students.


Tardies to School:Students are dismissed in intervals in the mornings. Students that arrive by car after their scheduled entry are to report to the office where an excused or unexcused tardy slip is given. If your child’s bus arrives after this time, he/she is to go to his/her locker and report directly to his/her homeroom. Any student who is roaming the hall will receive a referral for disobedience. Each teacher has a list of the buses scheduled time and a daily log is kept in the office. Any student not in class by 7:45 is tardy.

  • Tardies to Class: Being punctual is an important personal habit to develop. Students who are late for class miss valuable instruction and unnecessarily interrupt their classes. A student is considered "tardy" if he/she is not in the room after the tardy bell stops ringing. Students arriving late to class will be marked tardy unless they arrive with a written excuse from a staff member. If they do not have a pass, students are to report to room 10 where they will receive an unexcused tardy pass to class.

Tardy Consequences:

1st tardy warning/name recorded on master list in Room 10
2nd tardy Letter to the parent, which must be signed upon return
3rd tardy Mandatory Parental Conference
4th tardy Tardies may be upgraded to a B10 offense

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